Practical information

People come here to learn about the city’s attractions and tour routes, to stock up on maps and guides, to leave luggage in temporary storage or just to rest for a while before going on with their business. All services are free of charge.

Over the years, the tourist information office (TIO) of Irkutsk has proved to be useful to the visitors from all around the globe. Last year, 6700 tourists visited the office, and 74% or visitors were foreigners.

TIO helps travelers to see the city from its best angles. It helps to fall in love with the quiet beauty of Irkutsk and infects the visitors with a desire to come back again and again. The most important projects of TIO are the tourist route “The Green Line” and street navigation facilities that help navigate the city as it were your home.

The office is located at 77B, Dekabrski Sobitiy Street, on the territory of the Europa House. The working hours are from 9 AM to 6 PM, and 9 AM to 8 PM during the summer. TIO works seven days a week.

If you have any questions about traveling around Irkutsk or Lake Baikal, call + 7 (39-52) 20-50-18 or send an e-mail to TIO staff speaks Russian, English, German and French. The website of the service also provides a Chinese translation.

«The Green Line» is a pedestrian route. The tourist information office and the city administration worked together on this project.

The route allows you to see 30 points of interest in 2–3 hours of a quiet walk.

You’ll see churches, historical monuments, the houses of famous merchants and patrons of arts, museums, theaters, plazas and squares.

The route is 5 kilometers long, beginning at the Alexander the Third monument on the Gagarin Boulevard and ending at the Krestovozdvijenskaya church on Sedov Street. This order is not mandatory, though. The route is circuited, and you can choose any of its points to begin your walk through the old Irkutsk.

You’ll easily handle The Green Line without a guide or a navigation service

Each point of interest has an information stand with a scheme of the route and some historical information. An audio guide at 8 (3952) 65-80-00 will provide you with the same information in Russian or English. The green stripe on the pavement will lead you back to the place you need even if you got lost or deviated from the route.

In the meantime, take a virtual walk on The Green Line. The website provides the tour in Russian and English.