Things to do in Irkutsk

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Choose your music

“Billy’s Band”, cheerful decadents from St. Petersburg, will tune in their audience to the sounds of “Autumn Alkojazz” on October 15th in the “Rocks” Bar & Grill. A bass, a piano, drums, a saxophone and the trademark voice of Billy Novick are all you need to have a good evening. Well, you’ll also need a ticket. You can buy one in the “Aromaty Indii” shop in “Rublev” mall on Chekhov St., 19; in the ticket offices on the ground floor of “Dom Byta” of 8, Uritsky St. and “Jam Mall” on 3, Sergeev St.; in the ticket offices of the “Trud” stadium on Lenin St., 48 and the Musical Theater on Sedov, 29; or online.

The concert will begin at 20:00, the tickets cost 2 000 rubles.

And on October 21st, Noize MC will heat up the club with his rap in “Benzin” night club on 8B, Friedrich Engels St. “Hard Reboot 3.0” will start at 19:00, and you can buy the tickets.

See a comedy and Russian National Ballet

Irkutsk Musical Theater on 29, Sedov St. shows theater plays almost daily. Check the schedule.

Irkutsk Drama Theatre on 14, Karl Marx St. has many great performances scheduled for October as well. Genres vary from traditional melodramas and comedies to historical dramas and clown shows.

On October 26th, the theater will show the “Love is not a potato — you cannot throw it out of the window” comedy starring Alexander Pankratov-Cherny and Nina Usatova. Unfortunately, the tickets for the Drama Theater performance are already sold out. There are some tickets still left for the same play for October 28th in the Vampilov Youth Theater (23, Lenin St.), though.

The performance will begin at 19:00. The tickets cost 2 200–3 200 rubles.

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A week earlier, Vampilov Youth Theater will hold National Ballet performances, directed by Elena and Sergei Radchenko. “Carmen Suite”, a perfect copy of the original Alberto Alonso ballet, will be shown on the first day. The second day is given to the “Sleeping Beauty”, a timeless classic by Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

The performance will start at 19:00. The tickets are sold in the theater box office, costing 1 250–1 900 rubles.

Listen to Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and greet the nightfall in the Organ Hall

A charismatic Vienna Strauss Philharmonic Orchestra will perform on October 26th in the Irkutsk Musical Theater. The members of this orchestra are musicians from Europe who preserve and promote the musical culture of Vienna at the international level. The orchestra has its own style that will charm you with just one concert.

The performance will begin at 19:00. The tickets are sold online and in the theater box office, costing 1 100–3 500 rubles.

A magical night will happen on October 30th in the Organ Hall on 1, Sukhe-Bator St.. In a gothic cathedral, the solemn sound of the organ will mix up with digital beats, a show by a non-model agency “Nat” and prize drawings. On the eve of All Saints’ Day, a musician and composer Decebal Grigorutse will perform Bach, Vivaldi, Boellman, his own compositions and modern covers for medieval Gregorian chants. The tickets must be bought at the Organ Hall box office in advance.

The performance will start at 20:30. The tickets will cost 200–250 rubles.

Dive into the history of Glazkovsky necropolis, “The particles of the Absolute”, watercolor paintings and fairytale worlds

An exhibition dedicated to Glazkovsky necropolis will be occurring in the museum studio of the Regional Museum on Karl Marx St., 13 throughout all of October. This is the only archaeological site in the world that has been preserved in the center of a big city. The graves of this necropolis, located near Kaiskiy mountains on the left bank of the Angara River, are 2000 years older than Egyptian pyramids. You’ll get to see how the people of the ancient past organized their lives. The exhibition shows over 300 exhibits, including knives, axes, scrapers and bone needles.

The exhibition is open every day from 10:00 to 18:00. The tickets cost 70–200 rubles.

If you enjoy photography, take a few hours to see the works by Aleksandr Anosov. His personal exhibition will be occurring up to October 18th in the Irkutsk Central Scientific Library named after Molchanov-Sibirsky on 253, Lermontov St..

Photo by Aleksandr Anosov

Black and white silver bromide photography are an echo of a past that can still be seen, caught and felt. Aleksandr Anosov is a world-class photographer who won winner of the Medal of Troyes in the culture and art division and a number of other international awards.

The library is open from 11:00 to 20:00 from Tuesday to Friday and from 9:00 to 18:00 on Saturday and Sunday. Monday is the day off. The admission is free.

If you enjoy art, visit the Moscow exhibition of the teachers and the artistic director of the Watercolor School in the Irkutsk History Museum on 16A, Frank Kamenetzky St. The exhibition will end on October 23rd.

The museum is open from 10:00 to 18:00 every day except Wednesday. The tickets cost 60–100 rubles.

Exhibition “Fantastic Worlds” (photo by Alexey Ershov)

Take your children to the “Fantastic Worlds” interactive exhibition in the Revolyutsia gallery on 40, Karl Marx St. The exhibition is dedicated to the Grimm Brothers and to the 200th anniversary of the Children’s and Household Tales. Young visitors will find many things to enjoy at the exhibition. A mystery forest, “treasure chests” and other wonders can be found in the gallery from October 9th to October 23rd.

Visit the exhibition from 10:00 to 19:00 Monday to Saturday. Sunday is the day off. The admission is free.

The main Siberian product is meat, rich in protein and saturated fat. The locals eat a lot of meat in any form. No matter how cold the weather is, this kind of diet will make you handle the weather without any problems. Fish such as omul, endemic to Baikal, whitefish and grayling is popular as well. And, of course, the Siberian cuisine would not be the same without taiga herbs, berries and nuts.

This review will tell you how to taste Siberia. Some of these dishes can be easily prepared on your own, some you’ll want to take home and some will make you want to come back here again.

Saguday and omul on a stick

This famous fish from Baikal can be eaten in any way, as long as it’s freshly caught and prepared immediately. The best omul dish is saguday. Saguday is a dish made of raw omul with salt, pepper and oil. Sometimes lemon juice comes into the mix, too. In both cases, the fish becomes so tender that it gets hard to stop eating.

Saguday (photo by Julianna Kirillova)

Omul on a stick is even more exotic. This is how it is prepared. Freshly caught fish is washed, salted and pierced with a wooden stick along its ridge. The piercing must be gentle, as to not damage the gallbladder. The sticks must be resin-free or the taste will be ruined. The sticks with fish are held over an open fire and constantly turned over. The finished dish is served either with scallions or without anything at all.

Where to get it?

Listvyanka market sells the best smoked omul. Saguday is better at Listvyanka and Irkutsk restaurants. Fishermen at the Olkhon Island prepare the most magnificent omul on a stick.

Poses (buuzy)

What are those “poses”? They are pure happiness, especially for those who enjoy substantial meaty food. Poses are properly called buuzy. They are a bit like pelmeni, khinkali and ravioli. However, the difference in form, size and recipes is obvious.

Poses (buuzy)
Poses (buuzy) (photo by Julianna Kirillova)

The stuffing for the poses is made from lamb meet, and sometimes beef, pork and horsemeat. Some say that the meat must be finely chopped, some use ground meat. Even the color of this fish is a subject for experiments, as some make black poses with cuttlefish ink.

Black poses
Black poses (photo by Julianna Kirillova)

There’s just one thing everybody agrees on. Poses should only be eaten hot and by hand. This is how you should eat them: take a pose in your hands without piercing or tilting it. Take a bite of its side and drink the broth. The broth is hot, so be careful. Then either eat the pose whole or leave a small piece of dough. Add sour cream, soy sauce or mustard, or put the condiments aside to enjoy the natural taste of the most famous Buryat dish.

Where to get it?

Try poses on Olkhon and at Arshan, at simple Irkutsk pose cafes or in an Irkutsk datsan. To try the black buuzy, visit the hipster poses cafe.


This dish is attributed to Buryat and Mongolian cultures. Anyone who’d enjoy a large portion of meat in a bowl of steaming broth would love buhler. Rich soup with chopped mutton, onions and roots will keep you well-fed all day. The locals will assure you that buhler is also a hangover cure.

Buhler (photo by Julia Zakharova)

Buhler is especially good when cooked in a pot over an open fire. Try cooking it when you go camping. For 12 people, you’ll need a 12-liter pot, 3 kg mutton with a bone, 6 onions, a sheaf or parsley, 5 bay leaves, salt and pepper. Wash and chop the meat, put it in cold water and wait for it to boil. Put 3 onions and cook the broth at a slow boil. After 40–50 minutes, throw away the boiled onions, cut the other 3 onions and put them into the pot along with parsley, bay leaves and pepper. Keep the pot at a high heat for a minute, and buhler is ready.

Where to get it?

Try it on Olkhon and at Arshan, at simple Irkutsk pose cafes or restaurants.

Game meat

This may be the meat of deer, elk, wild boar, partridge, quail or pheasant; roasted, smoked, stewed or boiled. The cooks of Irkutsk and Baikal can handle any kind of game.

Splints of red deer
Splints of red deer (photo by Julianna Kirillova)

The hunters love freshly frozen venison liver. Firstly, the raw meat is cut into woodchip-like thin slices. Then the still-frozen pieces are dipped into a saucer with salt and black pepper and chased with onions.

Where to get it?

ask a hunter acquaintance or visit an Irkutsk restaurant that serves game meat — this one, for example.


Gruzinchiki are fish roll pieces, prepared at Baikal in a special way.

First, ravioli-like dough gets kneaded. Minced fish with onions is fried at the same time. Then, the stuffing is wrapped into dough and then fried again. When the roll is ready, it gets chopped into gruzinchiki and poured with hot oil.


Where to get it?

Try them in Bencharov Manor and at Olkhon island.

Fern and wild garlic snacks

Tourists usually avoid them – their loss! Wild garlic is an awesomely healthy thing, and it has 15 times more Vitamin C than lemons. Wild garlic tastes a bit like ordinary garlic, and so it goes well with other things in most salads. Wild garlic in fried, boiled, stewed, salted, pickled, added to pie stuffing and eaten raw, just like scallions.

Salad with wild garlic
Salad with wild garlic

Fern is amazing, too. Fried fern tastes like mushrooms. However, raw fern is hardly edible and can be dangerous. If you don’t like fried food, buy salted fern, put it in cold water for 12-15 hours, and, when the excess salt leaves, boil it for a while. Add a potato or an egg with soy sauce or sour cream, and you’ll get yourself a nice salad.

Where to get it?

Salted fern and wild garlic are sold at the Central Market in Irkutsk. Stewed and fried fern is a popular dish at Chinese restaurants.

Siberian berries

Frozen cranberries and sea buckthorn jam are no oddity at any large grocery store of any city. But fresh berries, juicy and ripe, are different. Fresh cranberries, sea buckthorn, bogberries, blackberries and blueberries can be bought from July to September. During the rest of the year, you’ll only find jams and frozen berries.

Tea with sea buckthorn
Tea with sea buckthorn (photo by Julianna Kirillova)

Siberian berries are a bit bitter, so eat then with sugar or honey. Cranberries and bogberries make a delicious meat sauce. All Siberian berries can be made into delicious lemonades, soft drinks or tea.

Where to get it?

Fresh berries can be found at Irkutsk, Listvyanka and Arshan markets from July to September. Soft drinks and tea are available at Irkutsk coffee shops and restaurants.

Pine nuts

Siberians have loved them ever since the XVII century. Pine nuts soothe the nerves, improve heart function and overall health. Moreover, they are tasty and incredibly addictive. However, keep in mind that pine nuts are high in calories.

If you have a choice between shelled and unshelled nuts, pick the latter. Unshelled nuts are cheaper and more fun to crack. For full authenticity, buy pine cones and enjoy that smell of pine resin.

Pine cones
Pine cones (photo by Julianna Kirillova)

Remember these two ways to make pine nut cracking easy. First, fry them on a dry pan for a bit before consumption. Second, crack them across the shell, not along.

Where to get it?

Pine cones are sold at Irkutsk, Listvyanka and Arshan markets. Shelled nuts are an ingredient for some dishes found in the menu of most restaurants and cafes in Irkutsk.

Tea with Baikal herbs

Fragrant teas with thyme, Golden Root and Sagan Dailami are a popular Siberian beverage. All those herbs have a lot or useful properties.

Thyme is used for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis. It also relieves stress and lowers cholesterol levels. Golden Root helps with nervous and physical exhaustion, insomnia, fatigue, edema and hangovers. Sagan Dailami is an extremely strong natural energy drink, so drink it carefully.

Tea with Baikal herbs
Tea with Baikal herbs (photo by Julianna Kirillova)

The taste of Baikal herbs is amazing as well. Their scent provoked an unconscious urge to sit down, drink tea and talk about life and travels.

Where to get it?

The herbs are sold at Irkutsk, Olkhon, Arshan and Listvyanka markets. Properly brewed beverages are served at turbazas and guest houses of Baikal during the evening picnics by the fire.

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Meet the stars and listen to energetic Siberian artists

September in Irkutsk begins with a tenth “Stars on Baikal” classical music festival. The most interesting parts will be held in the Zagurski Irkutsk Musical Theater (29, Sedov St.) and in the Irkutsk Regional Philharmonic (2, Dzerzhinsky St.).

From 1st to 13th of September you’ll see:

  • Concerts by: Bolshoi Theater soloists, a winner of the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition Lucas Debargue, a legendary jazz pianist Leonid Siskih and a “Soloists of Moscow” chamber ensemble directed by Yuri Bashmet;
  • “La Musica” play with Gerard Depardieu and Fanny Ardant;
  • And, of course, you’ll get to see Denis Matsuev performing, too. He is a prominent pianist from Irkutsk.

You can buy tickets either online or at the theater box office. Concert tickets for the Musical Theater will cost 2 000 rubles and up. Tickets to La Musica will cost 2 500–8 000 rubles. The concerts at the philharmonic will be cheaper, costing you from 600 to 1 200 rubles.

On September 4th, “Two Siberians” duo will perform at the Vampilov Youth Theater. The duo consists of a violinist Artyom Yakushenko and a guitar virtuoso Yuri Matveyev.

Their music is a synthesis of art-rock, folk, country and blues. It fascinates and makes you breathe the beat. Come, listen and see what those Siberians do on the stage, and you’ll get a dose of incredible pleasure.

The performance begins at 19:00, and the tickets cost 600–1 500 rubles. You can buy tickets either online or at the theater box office from 12:00 to 18:00.

Look at the endless expanse of water, Irkutsk scenery and 100 wonders of the world

Until September 6th, Sukachev Irkutsk Regional Art Museum (5, Lenin St.) hosts an exhibit of things you could admire for an eternity. Water is the main subject of the “Evaporation” exhibition of John Randolph Pepper, an Italian photographer, film and cinema director, screenwriter and producer.

“Evaporation” exhibition of John Pepper

Water is the main focus of those 42 black-and-white photographs. A person at the background looks like a grain of sand. However, one can only find true freedom when facing the endless expanse of water.

Come to the exhibition from 10:00 to 18:00 (from 12:00 to 20:00 on Thursdays). Tuesday is a day off. Tickets cost 50–100 rubles.

An aspiring Irkutsk photographer Aleskey Bayfa finds inspiration in his own city and the nature of the Baikal region. In September, you will get to see Aleksey’s art on his website and at his personal exhibition. The exhibition will be open until September 26th.

The exhibition can be found on 119a, Dekabrsky Sobytiy St., from 09:00 to 19:00. Sunday is a day off, and admission is free.

A day later, “100 Wonders of the World” exhibition comes to a close at “Dias” art gallery on 40, Sedov St. This exhibition hosts 100 photographs of nature. The photographs are all united by a simple yet important idea: the world is a miracle. And this miracle is open to anyone who looks around.

Photos from 100 Wonders of the World exhibition
Photos from “100 Wonders of the World” exhibition

“100 Wonders of the World” is a significant event for all photographers from around the world. You’ll get to see works by photographers from Russia, Vietnam, Germany, Africa, Indonesia, Norway, Colombia, France, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore, USA, Brazil, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, India and Kuwait.

The gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 to 20:00, working from 12:00 to 20:00 on Sundays. Monday is a day off. The tickets cost 250 rubles per person, and 100 rubles per ticket for groups over 8 people.

Rediscover Shakespeare, Milne and Vampilov

The theater life of Irkutsk in September is full of events. The most prominent of those events are “Et cetera” Moscow theater tour and the Vampilov festival.

18:30 of September 10th and 11th is a time for Shakespeare at the main stage of Okhlopkov Irkutsk drama theater (14, Karl Marx St.). The first day is for Shylock, and the second is for the “Comedy of Errors“.

At 12:00 on September 12th, the theater will show a children’s musical “Aunt Melkin’s secret”, based on an unknown play by Alan Milne. The director of the play is Alexei Serov from Petersburg. The choreographer is Sergei Gritsai. The composer is Vladimir Dashkevich, the man who wrote music for “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson” and “Heart of a Dog”. The lyrics are written by a children’s poet Yuri Kushak.

From September 20th to 26th, the main and chamber scenes of the drama theater will show the quiet charm of Alexander Vampilov’s plays. Theaters from the Irkutsk region, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Sakhalin and Kamchatka will all share their vision of Vampilov’s works. The total of 14 plays will be performed during the X Vampilov festival. Get tickets in advance.

The tickets will cost from 300 to 1500 rubles. Theater box office is open daily from 12:00 to 18:30.

Get acquainted with modern poetry

On September 11, the summer terrace of “Brasserie “BBB” restaurant (9, Kalandarishvili St.) will bring together the participants of “StikhiYa” poetry reading. Journalists, actors, musicians and radio presenters will read their favorite poems. Join in if you want to listen to some good poetry or demonstrate your talents.

The beginning is at 19:00, tickets cost 300 rubles. Book a seat in advance by calling +7 (39-52) 50-06-39.

On September 20th, a different kind of poetry will be read at Vampilov Youth Theater. Vera Polozkova, a poet, an actress and a playwright, will read her verses on travels, countries, roads, experience and feelings. Her poems are acute, open and frank, and they’ll be read to a stylish soundtrack and an original video compilation.

The beginning is at 19:00. Tickets can be purchased online and at the theater box office, costing 1 400–3 000 rubles.

Root for tennis players at the qualifying match of the Davis Cup and walk among the living statues

From September 18th to 20th, Irkutsk will host a beautiful struggle for the right to enter the world group of the Davis Cup. Russian and Italian teams will meet at the Baikal-Arena sports complex (267I, Baykalskaya St.). While the complex prepares for the match, tennis fans are hyped – the game is going to be spectacular.

The tickets will be available online after the additional stands get installed.

Photos by Vladislav Kostin (RIA IrkutskMedia)

If you like unusual things, come to the living statue festival. The event will be hosted at the mall on 25, 3rd Iyulya St. on September 25th. Look at brightly-painted body-art models or dare to get painted yourself by an artist you like. The beginning at 16:00, and entrance is free.

Fall in love with theater and nature on the big screen

Khudozhestvenny theater on Karl Marx St., 24, continues its theatrical season. September will have exhibition movies about impressionists and Faberge, as well as Shakespeare and Steinbeck plays.

The tickets are sold at the cinema box office from 10:00 to 22:00. Exhibition movie tickets will cost 250 rubles, and tickets to the plays cost 450 rubles.

Thinking and enthusiastic people will enjoys “Man and Nature”, the XIV Baikal international festival of popular science and documentary movies. The festival will show documentaries from around the world, host meet-and-greets with directors, workshops, photography exhibitions and discussions on current ecological problems and the role of cinema in improving the situation.

The festival will be held from September 24th to 29th at the House of Cinema on Mukhin St., 2a. “Salt of the Earth” by Wim Wenders will be shown right after the grand opening of the festival.

A detailed schedule will be available in the middle of September. Follow it at the festival website.

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Listen parmupille, free jazz and organ music

You can listen to Katarin Raska’s concert on the August 5 in “Belaya Vorona” coffee shop (37, Karl Marx St.). Come for parmupille music, free jazz and organ music. The famous jew’s harp player performs famous Estonian and Norwegian melodies like this:

The only Katarin’s concert in Irkutsk will begin at 7 PM. Tickets are sold at the entrance for 200 rubles.

The concert of the international festival of the intuitive, improvisational, free-jazz and intellectual music will move to “Khudozhestvenniy” cinema (24, Karl Marx St.) on the August 7 and 8.

Russian and German stars of free jazz will perform on the first day of the festival together with the “Kovcheg” ethno-project. The presentation of “This kind of music”, a BBC and Leo Records movie by Oksana Matievsky, will happen on the same day. Choreographic sketches and an art performance by “Rhombic Dodecahedron” creative association will complement the musical show on the second day of the festival.

The tickets will cost 350–600 rubles. Book the tickets and their delivery by calling +7 (914) 012-58-39.

If you want more solemn and majestic kind of music, come to the organ hall of the Irkutsk Regional Philharmonic Hall on 1, Sukhe-Bator St. Something remarkable will happen here every week.

  • On August 9, 16, 23 and 30, the hall will host classical music concerts for children. The concerts will start at 15:00, and the tickets will cost 250–300 rubles.
  • On August 19 and 26, a musician and composer Grigorutse Decebal will play Bach, Handel, Buxtehude and Böhm. The concerts will start at 18:30, and the tickets will cost 300–350 rubles.
  • On August 22 you’ll hear more Bach, this time performed by an Italian organist Giampaolo Di Rosa. The concerts will start at 18:30, and the tickets will cost 500–600 rubles.

The tickets are sold at the box office of the organ hall daily from 12:00 to 19:00. The phone number of the box office is +7 (39-52) 20-35-69.

Discover Dinosaurs and “The Soul of Asia”

If you ever wanted to meet a T. Rex, a Triceratops or a Carnotaurus, do it now. “Noosphere”, a museum complex on 1, Sedov St., will send its visitors on an adventure on a “Dinosaur Planet” throughout all August. It’ll be easy to lose track of time at the exhibition. If you only want to take a quick look, come straight to the “Living Dinosaur Gosha” show and see what the ancient reptiles moved and sounded like. The show will run for ten minutes hourly from 13:00 to 18:00.

You can visit the exhibition from 10:00 to 20:00 every day except Monday. The tickets cost 200 rubles for children, 250 rubles for adults and 150 rubles per person for groups of ten people and up. Taking pictures and filming videos is free of charge.

If you enjoy the arts of sculpture and painting, visit Viktor Bronstein gallery at 3, Oktyabrskaya Revolutsia St. “The Soul of Asia” exhibition will be featured here until the end of August. The gallery will exhibit over a hundred art objects by various artists from Buryatia and Irkutsk region. One of those objects is “Tiger and Bird” by Dashi Namdakov, a world-renowned sculptor. This will be the first exhibition of “Tiger and Bird” in Russia.

The gallery is open from 11:00 to 20:00 seven days a week. The tickets cost 50 rubles for children and 150 rubles for adults.

Композиция «Птица и тигр»
“Tiger and Bird” composition

See theater plays on a big screen and movies under an open sky

The theatrical movie season is an regular occurrence for Irkutsk. “Khudozhestvenni” cinema has been showing theatrical plays on a big screen for a while now. Choose what to see this month:

  • August 4, 19:00: “Private Lives” by the Chichester Festival. The tickets will cost 450 rubles.
  • August 11, 19:00: “Swan Lake” by the famous Bolshoi Theatre. The tickets will cost 350 rubles.
  • August 18, 19:00: “Every Man” by the Royal National Theatre. The tickets will cost 450 rubles.
  • August 23, 15:00: “Vincent van Gogh: A new way of seeing”, a documentary. The tickets will cost 250 rubles.
  • August 25, 19:00: “The Twelfth Night” by the Shakespeare Globe Theatre. The tickets will cost 450 rubles.

The tickets are sold at the cinema box office on 24, Karl Marx St. The box office is open from 10:00 to 22:00. Book the tickets by calling +7 (39-52) 25-59-84.

Do you want both to catch a movie and to breathe some evening air? Come to see a movie under an open sky in the courtyard of the Volkonski manor on 10, Volkonski St.

Don’t forget to check up on the schedule beforehand. The movies are canceled when the weather is bad. To make sure you have a ticket, reserve one in advance by calling +7 (39-52) 41-98-61 or buy one online. The tickets cost 200 rubles.

Learn interesting stuff on Irkutsk regional museum tours

The museum will conducts a tour of memorial and historical sites of Irkutsk on Saturdays at 11:00 throughout all of August. In two hours, you’ll learn about Irkutsk past, architecture and outstanding people whose lives were connected to Irkutsk. The participation fee is 350 rubles.

On August 5, 12 and 18 at 11:00, come to the museum studio on 13, Karl Marx St. to see a guided tour of the Orthodox churches. In one day, you’ll see the oldest churches of the city. The participation fee is 350 rubles.

Bogoyavleniya Cathedral
Bogoyavleniya Cathedral

On August 20 and 27, the museum invites you on a “Kolchak in Irkutsk” historical tour. You’ll hear some amazing facts and trivia about the life of the general, his love and his fate. Visit the places associated with Kolchak. See the history museum of the Irkutsk prison castle and its camera number 5, which is where Kolchak was sent to in January of 1920. The tour lasts for 2 hours. It starts at 16:00 at the history museum department on 2, Karl Marx St. The participation fee is 450 rubles.

Ask questions and sign up for the tour by calling +7 (39-52) 33-62-30 or emailing

Walk through the “Irkutsk Arbat”, celebrate the Brewery Day and hug people at the color festival

On August 8 and 15, the Kirov Square will host the annual fair called “Irkutsk Arbat”. Come here to stock up on souvenirs and unique goods made from birch bark, ceramics, natural stone, polymer clay and yarn. All things sold at the fair are handmade.

Those who enjoy having some wild fun can visit the Brewery Day celebration on August 8. “Baikal” factory will host a drinks tasting, barbeque, interactive brewery exposition, games, contests and good music. An Irkutsk band EXTROVERT will entertain the visitors at 18:00, and the unforgettable Nike Borzov will perform from 19:00 to 20:00.

The tickets will cost 100 rubles. People under 18 will not be admitted, so prepare your passport or a driving license to verify your age. To get to the celebration, board the free factory bus. From 15:30 to 21:30, the bus will regularly depart from the Trud stadium bus stop on Lenin St., 48 to the “Baikal” factory on 1K, Ryabikov St.

Do you lack a sense of adventure in your life? Come to the color festival on August 23. The festival will be a highlight of your week in every sense. From 14:00 to 21:00, the Yunost’ island will be overwhelmed by unrestrained delight. The festival will have the best DJs, awesome contests and crazy surprises. Buy a ticket, dress in white and have fun! The participation fee is 300–1 010 rubles.

In this article we’ll tell you where to have a snack amidst your travels through Irkutsk.

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The first wakeboarding station in Irkutsk opened on the 20th of June in Polyana park. Even if haven’t heard about this exiting sport, you’ve probably seen it in the movies. People rush through the waves on a board, jump and make incredible stunts, all while holding the rope attached to a motorboat. Wakeboarding resembles surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. It trains your balance and coordination, and it charges you with optimism. Any sadness will vanish after just two minutes on the wakeboard.

The instructors promise to quickly train newcomers and put them on the wakeboard. Experienced enthusiasts can try out new kickers for jumping. All this joy costs 50–70 rubles per minute with full equipment, and the minimal ride time is 5 minutes. You can go for a ride any day, from 12:00 to 21:00 on weekdays and from 10:00 to 21:00 on weekends.


“Polyana” Sports Park, Starokuzmihinskaya St., on the other side of “Energis” gas station
8 (39-52) 64-91-69
Facebook page
VK page

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Vladislav Danilov, account director of Studio 38 and head of Visit Irkutsk Project, recommends 10 places for you to visit – from a barbershop to a steakhouse.

Gentleman’s House barbershop

This barbershop stands in the middle of the Green Line pedestrian route, not far from the Moskovskie Vorota. The ground floor is a beard-styling salon. The basement, however, is a must-visit place for everyone who loves cool atmosphere, top-notch Idaho cocktails and classical cocktails. If you don’t see your favorites on the bar list, just say a word – the staff will prepare anything you need.

Daytime in this barbershop is quiet and calm and the nights are loud and cozy. Jazz musicians, standup comedians and vinyl DJs performs on different nights. Nikita, the owner of this place, communicates with the guests personally and makes sure that you have an awesome time.

How to find it

6V, Dekabrski sobytiy St.
VK page

Check average

1 000 rubles

Working hours

12:00–02:00 Sun–Thu
12:00–06:00 Fri–Sat


Come take a look at this Italian restaurant after taking an evening stroll through one of the oldest streets in Irkutsk. Children, parents and foreign guests are all welcomed in this cozy place.

You won’t have any difficulties with ordering food even if you don’t speak Russian and travel without the interpreter. Prego has an English menu. Salads, pizzas and pastas are always delicious and served in large portions, so if you want to try several dishes, order half-portions. Don’t forget to try the wine and leave room for Prego’s delectable desserts.

How to find it

15A, Karl Marx St.
VK page

Check average

1 500 rubles

Working hours


Design bar

If you enjoy experimenting, trying out new flavors and combining the uncombinable, come to the second floor of Revolutsia gallery. The Design bar lives up to its name, serving a large selection of original-looking unusual cocktails and food in a uniquely designed interior.

Even though people usually come to this bar with their friends, you won’t get bored alone. Lots of interesting people stop by on Friday and Saturday evenings. During the rest of the week, they can be found attending exhibitions, lectures and poetry readings in the gallery.

How to find it

40, Karl Marx St.

Check average

1 000 rubles

Working hours



Chento is a popular meeting place in 130th quarter. It is loud and lively. The guests talk to each other, drink wine, eat and enjoy everything in general.

The menu has Italian and Japanese cuisine. The chefs prepare both equally well, which is a rare ability. Try lasagna, desserts and teas, as Chento prepares them especially great.

How to find it

1/9, 3 Iyulya St.
VK page

Check average

1 000 rubles

Working hours


Castro cafe

The four cafes of this food chain are all in different areas of Irkutsk. The cafes in the 130th Quarter and in the malls are best suited for a quick snack. Stop by for a few minutes, take a perfectly brewed coffee to go and go on with your business.

The airport café, however, is best suited for a longer stay. Talk to the bartenders while you wait for your flight, snack on some fresh sandwiches and prepare yourself for a plane ride or rest after arrival. Castro café is one of the few comfortable areas of the airport.

How to find it

Domestic airport,
13B, Shiryamov St.

Check average

200 rubles

Working hours


Karamel mall, 36, Partisanskaya St. 200 rubles 10.00–22.00
Jam Mall, 3, Sergeev St. 200 rubles 10.00–22.00
130th Quarter, 7, 3 Iyulya St. 200 rubles 9.00–23.00
Facebook page
VK page
Instagram page


One does not simply visit the 130th Quarter without trying the savory Russian pies, stuffed with delicious fillings and covered with a crunchy golden crust. Rumyanovo prepares those types of pies perfectly. Kurnik pie and cranberry pie are especially good. The menu also offers pelmeni, crepes, varenyky and soups.

This place is in a two-story building. If you brought friends with you, head to the second floor directly. The tables are further apart, so nothing will disturb your conversation. Rumyanovo offers delivery until midnight. You can order Russian and Ossetian pies to your hotel or hostel from the website.

How to find it

5, 3 Iyulya St.
VK page

Check average

500 rubles

Working hours


Trend Bar

The bar is in the highest spot of the 130th Quarter, offering a panoramic view of the city that becomes especially beautiful after the sun sets. If you want to see the view without any disruptions, book a table by the window in advance. Those seats get taken first.

The bar itself is small and perfect for dates. Groups of 3-6, however, will be comfortable as well, as almost every table has comfortable sofas. The food is best suited for those who prefer sandwiches, pastas and Caesar salad over something exotic. The bar also serves some unusual dishes, too, such as pike cutlets. These dishes are just as delicious as the rest of the menu.

How to find it

25, 3 Iyulya St.
+7 (39-52) 48-80-76
Instagram page

Check average

1 000 rubles

Working hours


Myasnaya lavka

This brutal grill bar stands on the Nizhnyaya Quay. In there, two tough tattooed guys prepare burgers in the exact way the burgers were meant to be prepared.

The most extreme burger, “Champion”, has six beef patties, bacon and cheese. Myasnaya lavka also offers a variety of cheeseburgers, a hangover burger and a spicy chili burger, and some decent craft beer as well. You can also order a takeout or order the food by phone without leaving your hotel room.

How to find it

4A, Bograda St.
+7 (39-52) 75-35-75
VK page

Check average

500 rubles

Working hours



These two hipsterish cafes on the left bank of Angara River and on the Verkhnyaya Quay stand out between the rows of other buuzy cafes. They are stylish and comfortable. Each table has its own decoration, the menu is written on a chalk board and the windows offer nice views.

The menu is varied, offering both Caesar salads and cheesecakes. But the main specialty of those cafes is, of course, buuzy – a national Buryat dish made from dough and meat. Try all of the types: traditional, with lamb, fried, and the black buuzy with cuttlefish ink. Buuzy cost around 50 rubles each.

How to find it

8, Chernyshevsky St.
+7 (39-52) 96-59-67

Check average

500 rubles

Working hours


145/15, Verkhnyaya Naberezhnaya St.
+7 (39-52) 93-08-68
500 rubles 10:00–20:00
Instagram page


Asador is a classic steak house in the center of Irkutsk. The prices are steep, but the perfectly cooked meat and quality service are worth it.

To help you decide, the waiters will tell you about the differences between steak types and show you a live presentation. Asador also has a sophisticated interior design, soft lighting, unobtrusive music and an English menu.

How to find it

34, Lenin St.

Check average

2 000 rubles

Working hours


Our city has plenty of theaters. Among them are drama theaters, a puppetry theater, musical theater and studio theatres. Each has its own story, its own style and its own audience which likes art in all its manifestations.

Some believe that theaters are the best feature of Irkutsk. Visit any of them, and, perhaps, you’ll leave with a strong impression, too.

Okhlopkov Irkutsk Academic Theater

Okhlopkov Irkutsk Academic Theater
Okhlopkov Irkutsk Academic Theater (photo source

This is a number one theater in Irkutsk. Growing and developing since 1850, it’s the oldest one. Having four scenes — a main scene, a chamber scene, experimental scene and student performance scene, it’s the largest one.

The theater stages performances in a variety of genres, varying from comedies and drama to concert performances and novels in verse. A performance happens almost every evening. Children’s plays are staged in mornings or during daytime.


14, Karl Marx St.
Pravoberejny district, “Lenina” bus stop
8 (39-52) 55-04-61 (answering machine)
8 (39-52) 20-04-77
8 (39-52) 20-04-88 (ticket reservation)

Ticket price

100–500 rubles for adults
70–250 rubles for children

Working hours

12:00—18:30 daily

Zagurski Irkutsk Musical Theater

Zagurski Irkutsk Musical Theater
Zagurski Irkutsk Musical Theater (photo source

This is the second most popular theater in the city, a place where all important musical events happen. One example of these events is the annual Christmas meetings with Denis Matsuev, a world-renowned Irkutsk pianist.

The repertoire of the theater consists of musical comedies and dramas, operettas, musicals and ballet performance. Performances happen in the evenings of weekdays, weekends and holidays. Children’s plays start at 11:30 each morning.


29, Sedov St.
Oktyabrsky district,
“Muzikalni Teatr” bus stop
8 (39-52) 34-21-31
8 (39-52) 20-38-73

Ticket price

150–500 rubles

Working hours


Vampilov Youth Theater

Vampilov Youth Theater
Vampilov Youth Theater (photo source

The history of this place began in 1928. Today, it is the oldest children’s theater in Siberia. A literary society “Elegia”, which is a part of this theater, stages amazing literary performances.

The repertoire consists mostly of plays by Russian and foreign authors. Siberian playwrights Valentin Rasputin and Alexander Vampilov hold a special place here. Morning, afternoon and evening plays happen on an almost daily basis.


23, Lenin St.
Pravoberejny district,
“Lenina” or “Philarmonia” bus stops
8 (39-52) 45-00-41
8 (39-52) 34-41-02

Ticket price

150–350 rubles

Working hours


“Aistenok” puppetry theater

Aistenok puppetry theater
“Aistenok” puppetry theater (photo source

This puppetry theater is the oldest in Siberia and the only one in Irkutsk. In Janauary, 2015, “Aistenok” turned 80 years old. The audience enjoys cozy seats, a good view of the scene from all angles, and, of course, they enjoy the plays.

Most of the plays in this theater are for children, usually staged in mornings or afternoons. Grown-ups come here willingly, too — after all, deep inside, all of us are children who miss good and kind stories.


32, Baikalskaya St.
Oktyabrsky district,
“Teatr Kukol” bus stop
8 (39-52) 50-59-80
(answering machine)
8 (39-52) 25-19-64 (ticket office)

Ticket price

100–250 rubles

Working hours

Closed on Mondays

Folk drama theater

Folk drama theater
Folk drama theater (photo source

“It’s a very Russian theater” would be the most accurate review. The actors value national traditions and try to convey them to the audience through the epic or drama theater genres.

The repertoire consists of ritual performances, Russian folk tales and heroic stories. Performances mostly happen in the afternoons, so don’t hesitate to bring your children with you. All plays are picturesque, colorful and emotional.


13A, Mukhina St.
Sverdlovski district,
“Mukhinoi”. “Teatr narodnoi dramy”
or “Zakharova” bus stops
8 (39-52) 46-99-68

Ticket price

100–150 rubles

Working hours

Ticket office:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


Youth Chamber Theatre

Youth Chamber Theatre
Youth Chamber Theatre (photo source

This theater is experimental, taking an alternative approach to the classical and modern drama.

The repertoire mostly consists of performances by graduates and undergraduates of the “Bravo” acting school. If you enjoy lively and energetic theater with innovative ideas, a love of bold experiments and honest acting, you’ll definitely enjoy this place. Performances are held in the evenings of weekends.


54B, Piskunov St., entrance from the yard
Oktyabrsky district, “Diagnostic Center”
and “Shestaya Sovetskaya” bus stops
8 (39-52) 72-55-97
8 (950) 085-17-90

Ticket price

200–250 rubles

The theater season begins in September and ends in June. During the summer, local theaters go away on performance tours.

During the same time, well-known Russian and international theaters come to the city, instead.

“Teatr piligrimov” studio theater

“Teatr piligrimov” studio theater
“Teatr piligrimov” studio theater (photo source

This is a unique musical theater, directed by Vladimir Sokolov. The theater grew out of the “Piligrim” rock band and became well-loved and popular. “The heart of Irkutsk” is how the fans call this theater.

The repertoire consists of classical music with modern twists, rock-operas, mysteries and symphonic rock fantasies. Most of the performances are held in the evening. Check the VK page of the theater for the monthly schedule.


8A, Volkonsky lane
Pravoberejny district,
“Muzei dekabristov” and “Avtovokzal” bus stops
8 (39-52) 74-17-37
8 (904) 146-40-71 (ticket reservation)

Ticket price

150–200 rubles

Three golden rules of theater:
  1. Buy tickets in advance, especially if the performance is held in a small room with a limited number of seats.
  2. Do not be late, as you might not be let in and the tickets are not refundable.
  3. Turn off your mobile or put it in a silent mode before the performance.

Travelers love Irkutsk coffee houses for their coziness, free Wi-Fi and decent coffee sold for reasonable prices. Each place has its own atmosphere. Meet some of the most interesting coffee houses and choose a favorite to come back to again and again.

Traveller’s Coffee

Traveler’s Coffee is a chain of coffee houses, which exist in five countries. Irkutsk has three of them: on Kievskaya str., Zhelyabov str. and Lenin str.

This place is great for an informal meeting with your friends. Correctly roasted coffee beans, delicious breakfast and European deserts are the things that make Traveler’s Coffee so popular. The menu is updated each season. During winter, mulled wine and ginger ale will help you warm up. Lemonade and ices mojitos will help you survive the heat of Siberian summer.

Along with time well-spent, you’ll be able to purchase Specialty coffee, rare sorts of tea and a variety of syrups and cookies.


7, Kievskaya str.
8 (39-52) 24-38-38

Average check

400 roubles

Working hours

08:00 — 23:00

3, Zhelyabov str.
8 (39-52) 20-31-93
400 roubles 08:00 — 00:00
25, Lenin str.
8 (39-52)
Facebook page
VK page
400 roubles 08:00 — 00:00


«The White Raven» coffee’n’book

This is a perfect place for people who take their coffee with books. «The White Raven» has a whole bookshelf to choose from, and not one person will dare tell you that reading while eating is wrong. Try the pasta, smoked salmon crepes and state-of-the-art desserts, and combine them with prose and poetry.

This coffee shop often hosts poetry readings and musical performances. Watch out for the announcements on Facebook or VK if you don’t want to miss the fun. If you want to take a token of your good memories of «The White Raven», stop by the giftshop on the first floor to find something to your liking.


37, Karl Marx str.
8 (39-52) 97-52-77
Facebook page
VK page

Average check

500 roubles

Working hours

09:00 — 22:00 (weekdays)
10:00 — 23:00 (weekends)



Those who live in Moscow remember Shokoladnitsa chain of coffee houses from the previous century. Irkutsk got one in 2014.

This is a place for a family visit, for planning routes, talking and eating delicious snacks.

Shokoladnitsa has a kid menu and a playroom. The little ones won’t get bored while their parents choose what to order. Ordering food, by the way, might take a while — the menu has that many options of food and beverages. We recommend a halva latte, hot chocolate and fruit desserts, which are the top-sellers in Shokoladnitsa.


109, Dekabrski Sobytiy str.
8 (39-52) 97-52-77

Average check

600 roubles

Working hours

8:00 — 23:00 (weekdays)
10:00 — 23:00 (weekends)


Castro Café

This coffee shop chain can be found in four different locations: in Jam Mall and Karamel malls, in the 130th district and in the airport. The airport coffee house works 24/7. While waiting for your plane to depart, you can chat with your friends over a cup of coffee for as long as you want to. All Castro cafes have a youthful relaxed atmosphere. Good music plays in the background, and bartenders and waiters greet you like an old friend.

Visit a Castro café for an original recipe sandwiches, smoothies, good coffee and green tea latte, made of Japanese tea topped with delicate milk foam.


13B, Shiryamov str.

Average check

200 roubles

Working hours

around the clock

«Karamel» mall, 36, Partizanskaya str. 200 roubles 10.00 — 22.00
«Jam Mall», 3, Sergeev str. 200 roubles 10.00 — 22.00
130th district, 7, 3rd July str.

Facebook page
Instagram page
VK page

200 roubles 9.00 — 23.00


Double coffee

Double coffee is located in the heart of the city. Visitors examine the unusual interior and take pictures of the coffee shop. Camera, laptops and smartphones work tirelessly as all tables have built-in charging devices.

Even if you stop by for a minute, try the coffee made in a sand-heated Turkish jug or in a siphon. Not many other places have these options.


36, Lenin str.
8 (39-52) 65-65-99

Average check

300 roubles

Working hours

9:00 — 0:00


Studio Сoffee

If you enjoy quiet and harmonious atmosphere, come to any of Studio Coffee shops. The morning is the best time for a visit as Studio Coffee offers a wide variety of breakfast options. Try the invigorating specialty drinks, original recipe teas made in French presses and don’t forget about the coffee. If you want to try making the same type of coffee at home, buy the espresso mix or a microlot sort. Microlots are rare sorts of coffee that grow only in specific small plantations.


1A, Zhelyabov str.
8 (39-52) 33-26-83

Average check

700 roubles

Working hours

8:30 — 23:00 (weekdays)
10:00 — 23:00 (weekends)

12, Stepan Razin str.
8 (39-52) 20-12-95
700 roubles 8:30 — 23:00 (weekdays)
10:00 — 23:00 (weekends)
3rd July str., 25
VK page

500 roubles 10.00 — 22.00

Irkutsk doesn’t have many vegetarian-only establishments. Two cafes are all that the city has to offer. But if you don’t mind people eating steaks at the next table, the number of options increases. Many places are able to feed vegetarians heartily. If you want to know more about the options and their prices, this article is just what you need.

Option #1: strictly vegetarian

Govinda café, found on Furye and 2nd Zheleznodorojnaya streets, prepares food without animal proteins, eggs or gelatin. Even hardcore vegans will like Govinda’s options. A hearty and healthy meal at the cost of 200–300 rubles is the norm in this place.

Start with a gauranga baked potatoes or a vegetable stew with cheese. If you like pastry, try a samosa with carrots, potatoes, cheese, apples or raisins. If you can’t live without sweets, finish the meal with a local dessert — and you’re guaranteed to start singing in joy.


2nd Zheleznodorojnaya str., 66V
(behind the nerpinarium under the «Rada» center at the «Chaika» bus stop)

Average check

250 rubles

Working hours

11:00 — 19:00 (daily)

Furye str.,
VK page
250 rubles 11.00 — 20.00 (daily)


Option #2: compromise

Many dining places serve fresh salads and vegetable soups or stews. Almost all canteens, snack bars, cafes and restaurants in Irkutsk count as a compromise solution. During Orthodox fast, most of them offer a special menu option that looks like a vegetarian menu.

So if you can tolerate the smell of meat from the tables near you, don’t stop at trying out just 2–3 cafes in the whole city. Try the food everywhere. To avoid unpleasant surprises, don’t hesistate to ask about the ingredients, preparation process. You can also ask whether the chef can cook the dish without the ingredient you don’t want.

Enjoy your options!

0 4119

«Do not touch», read the plates of many museums. It’s a shame — some of the exhibits are almost begging to be touched. Wandering around the museums where you can touch anything, travel back in time, experience the laws of physics on your own skin or find yourself in a world of illusions make up for a world of different experiences. «So little time, so many things to see» is the main principle of these museums. Choose any of these five museum options and see it all for yourself. You can find four of the museums in Irkutsk, and the last one is located outside the city.

Angara Iceboat Museum

Angara Iceboat Museum
The production of an English company «SIR WG Armstrong», this iceboat is the only surviving ship of the five that were built before the 1917 revolution. In November 1990, this ship found a home in a Solnechni microdistrict pier and officially became a museum.

On this iceboat, you’ll get a tour of the ship and get to hear the stories of its difficult fate along with some anecdotes of nautical history of Baikal. Get a feel of being a captain of an icebreaker ship from the last century, take a walk on the deck and around the cabins, descend into the engine room and stand at the help of the ship. Nobody will hurry you. Wander around any forgotten corners, picture the scenes from the ship crew’s life in your mind and ask the guides anything you want. The staff will happily answer any of your questions.


Marshal Zhukiv avenue, 36A
Oktyabrsky district, seafront of Solnechni microdistrict, «Releyni zavod» bus stop
8 (39-52) 35-85-51
8 (39-52) 26-27-48

Working hours

09:00 — 21:00 daily

«Eksperimentary» science museum

«Eksperimentary» science museum
This museum was founded in 2008 by the pure enthusiasm of several scientists and inventors. Every exhibit in Eksperimentary was made from the materials at hand, which varied from ordinary pieces of glass to computer system units.

Physics is an entertaining science, and this museum proves it. In here, you’ll study physics, and not by shifting through boring textbooks, but by literally experiencing the laws of physics on yourself. Test your honesty on a lie detector, relieve stress in a washing-machine-like contraption or have a seat at a surprisingly comfortable chair with a seat comprised out of 1024 nails.

Eksperimentary also has a planetarium. Two projectors take turns demonstrating the breathtaking beauty of the night sky. To visit the planetarium, gather a group of 10–35 people and book a tour by calling +7 (39–52) 68-99-15. Alternately, you can visit the museum’s branch building in 130th quarter, which you can visit alone and with no prior appointment.


Lermontov St., 277A
district Sverdlovsky, «School #19» bus stop
8 (39-52) 68-99-15
8 (39-52) 67-84-32

Working hours

9:00 — 18:00 daily

Branch of the museum:
Sedov St., 2
first house behind Babr monument, above «Forward» store
11:00 — 20:00 daily

«Fantast» museum of optical illusions

«Fantast» museum of optical illusions
The youngest museum in the city, «Fantast» was opened on December 26, 2014. Another group of science enthusiasts founded it, all of them professional physicists who created everything in the museum with their own hands from the scratch.

You are guaranteed to lose track of time in this museum. What feels like a half an hour turns out to be half a day. You’ll want to see everything at once, to touch all exhibits, to understand how they work. You can climb the floating steps, discover a real spy room and find yourself standing under a ribbon rain. A room of size distortion will turn into a giant only to shrink you like Alice in the Wonderland in the very next moment. A mirror maze will get you lost for a long time. You won’t be able to get out of the maze without a healthy doze or intuition, quick wit and good memory.


Mukhina St., 1
district Sverdlovsky, «Mukhina» or «Zaharov» bus stop
VK page


for adult — 300 rubles
for children — 200 rubles

Working hours

10:00 — 20:00 daily

Craftsmanship compound in the 130th district

Craftsmanship compound in the 130th district
This compound is a department of the Irkutsk Region House of Folk Arts. It is a great place to visit if you’re curious about the traditional Russian arts of woodcarving, lace-knitting, quilting, pottery and embroidery.

Take a pick and choose what you want to see. See the skillful works and meet their creators, learn the trade secrets of professional artists and try making something yourself. If you want to participate in a workshop session, call +7 (950) 130-41-30 for the details. If your visit coincides with Easter, Maslenitsa, Osenini or Christmas, you’ll get to see the folk band «Zarev Tsvet» perform the ceremonies during these holidays.


3rd July St., 17B
«130th district» bus stop
8 (950) 130-41-30


50 rubles

Working hours

10:00 — 20:00 daily

«Taltsy», architecture and ethnography complex

«Taltsy», architecture and ethnography complex

If you’re staying in Irkutsk for longer than a day, visit the open-air museum Taltsy. You can get there by getting into the 524th minibus from the Irkutsk bus station, by traveling Baikalski highway in a car or, if you’re traveling sometime from the beginning of June until the end of September, by the «Raketa» ship. The road to Taltsy takes around 40–50 minutes.

Be prepared to spend the whole day in this museum. Walk from the historically reconstructed Tofalar and Evenk campsites to the Buryat ulus, and then to the Russian rural village. Make stops at the workshop huts to admire the works of pottery, bark and twig-knitting. If you get hungry, stop by the local pub for snacks. And, if you visit Taltsy during Maslenitsa, try the crepes with all of the possible toppings. Maslenitsa crepes are the tastiest way to get acquainted with Russian cuisine.

Maslenitsa, Christmas, Easter and Troitsa are the best times to visit the museum. The holidays in Taltsy are spectacular, loud and reenacted with respect for the national history.


47th kilometer of highway Baikalsky


for adult — 120 rubles
for children — 50 rubles

Working hours

9:00 — 17:00 daily